Frequently Asked Questions


In general most bathrooms will require 2 to 3 weeks for the job to be completed. This will allow enough drying time for the waterproofing to ensure it is completed cured. Timing will also depend on the fittings being available. We will check this before we commence to ensure a smooth process.
Wood thickness will be determined by the length of span that is required to be covered. Ideally the length of wood is equal to the length of the span to eliminate wood joins but in some cases this cannot be avoided. Council places restrictions on this to ensure the stability of the structure and the over all integrity.
A properly cared for deck with remain smooth and free of splinters... and look great too. Firstly it is best to keep the boards on the deck clean. give them a sweep or blower vac regularly and keep organic moss etc from growing the the desk. to clean, laundry detergent and water will do the trick in most cases with a bristle brush that isn't too harsh that removes the decking coating, remember we are looking to remove the debris on top, not the decking coating.
Frequently Asked Questions

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Once the project is ready to commence we require a deposit to pay for supplies required to complete the project. We will discuss this with you along with the terms and conditions and inclusions.
We spend a lot of time with our customers consulting with them and do appreciate that the information that we supply is kept confidential. We take pride in our work and like to keep our knowledge to ourselves.